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Twitter Lesson of the day - don't "auto-advertise"

Usually I don't say much about what people tweet to me. It's all in good fun, right? Well, tonight? I guess either I am just grumpy - or, someone is just not that bright.

I am not that old...
And I have accomplished a lot in my years as an interior designer...
I own my own firm,
have been published,
been on national television...

I mean - no big deal. I take it all in stride, and am just thankful. I am also always on the look out to help other interior designers, that are in fact professional, navigate through the ID world....just like those who have helped me!

TONIGHT??? I get a DM on twitter...

This is what it said...

"Thanks for the follow. Does your Kitchen, Bath or interior need updating? If so, let me know. I can help you no matter where you live."

hmmmm....My first thought???


My reply? (paraphrased)

"I think I've got that covered....thanks for the offer though."


So, I - go back to this person's profile (like I did prior to following this person back) and I just want to make sure this is the right person I thought it was.....And it was! A brand new interior designer...using twitter to OBVIOUSLY gain clients for a "grand opening".

Shheeeezzz! I was insulted!! Are you serious??? LOL!!

So. This is a lesson to everyone out there. If you wish to "add value" and "tweet content" and "create relationships" on twitter - check out those who you follow and those that follow you. Numbers in twitter don't mean a thing if you never interact with those people. You are no longer adding content OR value when you don't first examine the people you are following....

Am I holding a grudge?


I just blocked that person.

Oh well - their loss. I would have been more than happy to tweet with them. I have lots of friends that are interior designers on twitter...some that have a much more storied history of design than I do. I respect that. I know who they are, and I would NEVER ask them to hire me.... HA!

I think that was the MOST USELESS Direct Message, and shows how auto DM'ing people can hurt your quest to be the "most popular" on twitter and often cause people to block you....just like I did the person who offered
- an interior designer -
their services.
Actually - I have clients in California...this person COULD have been of value to me....!

Look at my profile....You would KNOW I am an interior designer. And if you took a moment to "get to know me" and actually visited my website - which is listed - you would see that I just didn't start my profession this morning!

Add value by NOT auto DM'ing the people that follow you. Word to the wise - Don't "auto-advertise"

Have a great night.


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