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Interior Design Legislation...What is it?

Protecting the Health, Safety and Welfare of Consumers...

Sure, that sounds fun. But, what is it? It's simple. TIDC (Tennessee Interior Design Coalition) is a representation of Interior Designers across Tennessee that are working with legislators to produce a bill to pass into law - effectively creating a regulatory situation for the practice of interior design. No, not ONLY regulation...but a standard of recognition so the consumers can take note of the "real" interior designers and not those that are out trying to just make money with no education or experience behind their names...

I used to think all of this didn't matter. Seriously - who cares right? WRONG.

The last time you were in a hospital, and looked at the ugly vinyl covering on a chair you probably thought - "Wow! That's ugly..." And it probably was. But, it's vinyl (enough here - can be a whole post!) But, what you don't see is the fact it is protecting you. Depending on where you live, different fire codes and life safety codes are adhered to by anyone creating a space for the public.

For instance....You have heard not to put your small child in anything that isn't fire retardant while they sleep, right? This is an example of code/life safety. Protection through regulation.

In Memphis, there are countless numbers of folks acting like "interior designers" that are actively pursuing work in a hospital setting...the end user doesn't know better...They just hired someone whom they believe must be legit. Well, SHOCKER...."she isn't". You know who you are if you are reading this...

What does this mean for you? Well, not a whole lot. Unless someone has bled, released bodily fluids, or threw up on the chair you were sitting in....or better yet, unless the hospital burns down....Um. So, I guess I should have said that it means a lot to you. And it does. Depending on your local code - the coverings, the frames and the finishes on commercial/hospitality furnishings will either not catch fire, not put off toxic smoke if lit...effectively saving you and those around you if anything should go wrong.

There has been a lot of controversy and mis-leading information on the bill in question in the TN House, but if you ACTUALLY READ THE BILL...you will quickly realize that IF you do have education, experience, and have/have not been tested, you can register/grandfather in under this bill and be recognized as the professional you actually are. It doesn't put anyone out of work, Tennessee is a right to work state! If you are interested....www.TIDC.org

This bill has actually been pulled from the House committees until all of the "opposition" sits down and comes to an understanding. Which I like too. If you ask someone what they are against in the bill, they don't know! Legislation works when everyone understands the protection it can bring - not only to the public, but also to the industry.... Have a great day! And hire a professional Interior Designer when you decide to remodel, built or create something fantastic...Your project will be forever altered and the outcome? Amazing!



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