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The staff at Shea-Noel Interiors has an amazing *TREET* for all of you!

DAY 1 - Start with the basics...

Have you seen me lately????

Know what this is? That's right...In our house, this is a norm. An empty toilet paper holder.

Why start with this? Well, pretty basic I think. If you are going to be organized, you have to start off with the essentials...no pun intended.

-The Symptoms-

Why we do this: We leave toilet paper holders empty because we forget about it. Understandable. BUT - not so funny when you are the next one in, and are left stranded.

Why we forget: Too busy? Probably. Or the kids don't tell anyone.

Why this disorganization causes stress: You can let me know that. I am not answering.

Go to where you store the "toilet paper" and..

***If you don't have any - go to the store and buy at least 6 rolls for each bathroom you have.***

Take the toilet paper you have, and visit EACH bathroom in your house. DO NOT "forget" or you will not make it through this first day.

Put 3 rolls in each bathroom. Under the vanity, in the cabinet, closet whatever...just put 3 rolls in a PLACE that you will repeat over and over (repetition breeds good habit).
***NOTE: if the holder is empty, place a roll on the holder, and also store 3.

Now. Your cabinet or storage area should have three stored rolls, and the empty roll is occupied.

STAY THIS WAY: Put on your grocery list (right now) that you need to buy 3 rolls per bath on your next trip to the store. Put it in your general storage area so you will not be without. Repeat.

This will help you eliminate stress not only in your lives, but also those who visit you. Nothing is more embarrassing than hearing a guest scream from an upstairs bathroom. "I NEED TOILET PAPER!!! HELP!!!!" *sighs*

You have until tomorrow at 11 A.M. to complete this task. Report back to me and let me know if you are complete. I will issue Day 2, at 11 in the morning.... Good night!

:) Admitting you have a problem is the first step...


Anonymous said...

I think you may
A) have tooooo much time on your hands
B) have lost it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol! Either way, I love it!!! lol!

Shea said...

LOL!! So - for real. Tell me you are never without toilet paper??? Tomorrow I plan on embarrassing with the newest topic. LOL! when are we going to do lunch???

Anonymous said...

Lunch is pretty much whenever you are available!!! Just let me know in advance or I may be still in pj's and needing a shower before I go!! lol!

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