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Day 3 - "Clothes"t Time

Well...I hope you all have had a blast doing laundry...I was going to post this last night....BUT, wasn't done with it myself...NOW? Totally.

So here is a pic of my personal progress..What an improvement over yesterday.....!!!

Now...tip toe gently into your closet and take a deep breath. Why? You are getting ready to clean up this bad boy and put all your laundry away. *goodie*

Yesterday - you washed, dried and FOLDED....Now, we put away - BUT...you HAVE TO CLEAN YOUR CLOSET FIRST...... ;)

The Symptoms: You can't find ANYTHING you ever need when you need it. Empty clothes hangers all on the racks making putting things away impossible. Shoes are all over the place and your disaster looks something like....

Why we forget: Because there is a door on the closet...LOL!

Why this disorganization causes stress: Similar to forgetting about it - you are only in there a little bit. Just enough to find your outfit and leave. Well, OK...maybe not a little bit. Finding your clothes is probably about as much fun as going to the dentist....PAINFUL.

1. Get ALL of the empty hangers out. Put on your bed.

2. Enter into the closet and start putting clothes on the floor back onto the hangers, hanging them in their sections, and making sure you can SEE your floor. Go ahead and pair up your shoes and line them up along the wall or on your shoe rack.

3. If you have folded clothes, make sure they are in fact folded and in neat stacks.

4. If your significant other has a similar disaster going on, get them in there to help you. *laughing* OK, well nice try. You may have to suck it up and do it on your own, but you will be much happier.

5. if you run across something that is completely ugly, or fit your when you were in the womb - get rid of it....take it to the trash ASAP, or put in a trash bag to take to Goodwill.

6. Vaccum the floor in your closet once you are complete. Yes, there is a floor in there...

7. Now that your closet is cleaned up - put away all of your clean clothes.....BUT -------

8. Pick out what you are going to wear tomorrow. Make a special place for tomorrow's outfit. Shoes, stockings, pants, undergarments, shirt, etc....the whole gang to make your outfit complete...

Stay this way....

Now all of your laundry is done, and put away into your clean closet, your outfit is ready to go tomorrow - repeat in the kids room....Always layout your clothes, and their clothes the night before.....You will not have to think about anything other than rolling out of bed!

This makes life mucho easy...be sure to put your shoes by your outfits too!

All in all - I spent 30 minutes straightening my closet. 30 minutes putting clothes away. 15 minutes in each child's room. I tend to keep their rooms in tip top shape...why? not sure. Maybe I am trying to send them the message that being clean is a good way to go??? Hope so.

I hope you are on track so far!!! If you need any reminders on anything or additional help, leave a comment and I will hook you up!

Now, I plan for tomorrow's goal...



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