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The staff at Shea-Noel Interiors has an amazing *TREET* for all of you!

31 days to organization....About the chaos.

Not sure about your lives, but I am assuming "organizing" thoughts only come at desperate moments. I know that is the case for me.

Sad. But true!

Well, that can all change. Starting today. For the next 31 days we are all going to work to become organized in a way we haven't thought of.

Yep - look around you. There is something that could use your attention. No? Put the glasses on...

See? I thought so. From May 1st - to May 31st I am going to organize my disasters along with you. Please comment if you feel there is something you have that is a mess or out of sorts. I can help you with it or at least try.

Why is a creative designer type trying to become organized? Well, because I am a creative designer type...AKA - messy. I feel most comfortable with fabric books scattered all around, mounds of fabrics and tulle for tutu's and my favorite - empty glasses on my desk. (Should've put the office closer to the kitchen)

Since it is later in the day - I am going to organize you in a simple way for today. So stay tuned...we are going to fix this!!!



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