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Not Made in the USA

A few weeks ago I was talking to a client and we were discussing how a fabric wasn't stocked in the United States.

Her comments were simple, "Nothing is made in the United States anymore."

Sad thing? She is absolutely correct. 

I used to notice the little image of our flag with *Made in the USA* on all kinds of things. Now it is just a fading image.

What once was a booming furniture manufacturing center, North Carolina is now just a speck in what many interior designers are growing increasingly frustrated with.  As an interior designer, our primary sourcing function relies on manufacturers and distributors to stock and or produce good in the states.  This speeds the delivery process to our workrooms and to other manufacturers and keeps our workflow and project progression moving along. Manufacturers are all trying to save a buck as to not go out of business and there is a majority of them now completing order fullfillment as items are ordered.

What does this mean for the end-user, our client? Extended lead times on items.

Two years ago we would get stock updates and order fullfillment percentages on a majority of our vendors.  Now, we don't.  There is not any need apparently as the items are not stocked in the USA.

What does this means going forward?

In my opinion, we have two options as an industry.

1. Start producing items in the states again.

Why this isn't happening is a simple bottom line number. Why produce things here when the cost of doing business is rising?

2. Become an all import trade industry.

This really isn't an option I don't think, but then again it sure does appear to be moving that way doesn't it.

The next time you purchase something and you call your vendor, ask then if the product(s) you are looking at are made domestically or imported. Then decide how you want to proceed.

Christmas Joy Via Cactus Cuties

We just love these little girls.  Wanted to share them with you all!! Merry Christmas!