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*Dog is a man's best friend*
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*Dog is an office's best friend*

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Happy Monday and Happy Designing!

When the day comes will it be worth it?

A few months ago our Principal Designer in Memphis, Shandra Blackwell, ASID, IIDA, was asked to present an educational seminar for the National Hardwood Lumber Association's National Conference in Boston.  Immediately the topic of *Green is the new Black* resonated with her.  Why? Well, in the Memphis area, Shea-Noel has been a leader in green design for years.

To get the best grasp on the concept from a consumer standpoint, Blackwell started researching with a core group of 100 consumers and crafted 4 questionnaires with 25 questions in each section.

Participants did not work in or around the A&D industry

They came from different countries, but mostly mainland USA

Participants pledged to answer the questions with their first feeling

The results? Enchanting.  We, like so many of our peers, have spent time researching and advertising that our firm had *gone green*. Unfortunately, we apparently missed one very important fact.  The public could care less.  

No, not joking here. In fact, it was disturbing to us. The questions spanned a spectrum and all dealt with green, or the green concept, on some level. From household cleaning products to hardwood choices, the results were clear.  Not only did consumers not really care, most thought green was a trend that would fade out quickly like a non fluorescent light bulb.

So, as we venture to share with you all the results of the questions and our research on the topic over the coming weeks?  Think about this and put yourselves in your clients shoes:

"When the day comes and a designer approaches you with green products, will you be ready to spend the extra amount to be kind to the earth?"

You may be shocked to learn the answer you will get from your clients, is a simple: "Depends on the cost".

In the Know...

In the Know... Sounds easy right?

Our seasoned design veterans here at Shea-Noel Interiors, have been busy with research, speaking engagements and the like for the past year. And what have they learned? You are about to find out!

Amazing products to bring to your clients. Amazing tips and hints to implement and grow your own interior design business with. Shea-Noel Interiors, Inc. has experienced a love from their clients that is unmatched. Knowing they will be taken care of and have a beautiful space when the SNI design staff leaves. Is it magic? No. But it feels likes it.

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