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DAY 2- Pile Tackling

No, I am NOT kidding. Those clothes that jumped out of our master bathroom closet from a trip we had a MONTH ago...and see, this pile had an accomplice too...

This is the biggest disaster of them all for me. And since it IS Saturday....Well, you get the point. It's time for you to do laundry.

Definition of "Doing Laundry": Washing, Drying (completely), folding AND putting AWAY!!!!

Yeah, I know. The first two are accomplished with ease...Last two not so much. Well, you are in LUCK! Today, you are just going to do the first 3 steps.....That's right! first 3 steps....

The Symptoms: We just don't do laundry the way we should. That picture above was NOT staged...that baby was cultivated...messes like that don't just "happen".

Why we forget: WE don't! That's the sad reality. We know it's there! We step over it, stuff it into a closet, and "forget about it".

Why this disorganization causes stress: Well, when you can't find any undergarments, your favorite shirt, or jeans....you will know the answer. People say NOT having clean clothing in the right place is the most stressful problem they have.

Find all of your clothes and PILE them into a room that is unconventional..... Like your kitchen. RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE FLOOR!

Separate everyone's clothes. For example - make the following piles: Yours, your significant others, kid 1, kid 2, towels.

Start washing. Be careful to NOT overload the washer so your dryer can keep up and you will not get frustrated. Try and keep the loads to a comfortable arm full.

Once these items come out of the dryer - take them to a staging place and FOLD them ALL. immediately. And put them together as to where they should go. (see piles above)

Depending on your disaster - this will take you a while to complete.

STAY THIS WAY: Every night, have every member of your household bring all of their dirty clothes to you at the location you do laundry. put a load in. Then move it to the dryer. In the morning when you wake up - FOLD. And put away when you return from work...

So, this is going to take a bit. Period. BUT, you really need to be prepared to have stacks and stacks of clean, folded laundry around you until tomorrow's task. I will be posting it later this evening so you will be sure to have it for the morning...I am hosting a wedding shower at our house tonight, and I am NOT going to say - "I will post at 8 AM..." - I know better...LOL!

Don't hate me for this. We all have this problem. This is the only way we can control it. let's get organized here people...we will be WAY less stressed....!!!!

Okay. Dryers done. Load 5....



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