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Why Children Love the Creative Process

In most of today's modern workplaces you find one thing consistently missing. Children.

We get it. They scream, you have to tend to them, nap times, etc. throughout the day caring for kids in an office arena can interfere with the operations of a high profile office. Well, this past summer our Principal Designer, Shandra Blackwell, was on a mission to take advantage of improved workflow processes put into place during Q2. She decided it was time to add to the services Shea-Noel Interiors, Inc. offered and expand to include a few more arenas.

Outside of a high profile interior design firm, a new children's clothing company: Crowned Couture; and a new division that will soon be launched - Shandra decided that she also wanted to have her children in the office throughout the summer. We aren't going to say here that she is a super mom, because she HATES that label.

What we will say here is that she is an amazing multi-tasker. After finding the right child care provider to work in the office, Blackwell and her husband set out on a journey that changed their view on the way they lived. At the heart of every interior designer, is interior design. And at the heart of every child is play. Blackwell combined the two.

           "Everyday when the children would come into the office after their baths, I would stop what I was doing and spend 15-20 minutes with them answering questions they had about all of the things in the office.  I challenged them with artistic projects, building ideas and ways they could go green and help the planet.  Everyday was a learning experience for myself, my children and amazingly - Shea-Noel Interiors."

Now we have learned to multi-task with the best of them while still maintaining our workload... and to think a little more creatively than we already did.

And we now have the answer for the heading of this post.  *Why Children Love the Creative Process*

Because in order to stay creative - you have to include children and including them? Keeps you young.

Happy Designing!


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