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The staff at Shea-Noel Interiors has an amazing *TREET* for all of you!

Prepare to Deck your Halls

Christmas is around the corner, and even though you have been seeing trees, tinsel and other holiday goodies in the stores since AUGUST, chances are you intend to put that tree up after Thanksgiving.

Before our SNI team of elves show you how to have folks screaming for mistletoe around the house, we want you to be ready.
Here's our suggestion list:

1. CLEAN :: Sorry, I know. Vacuum, dust, pull furniture away from the walls, wipe down base boards and mop.  Also take this time to wipe down your staircase, clean the edges of each step and just get your entire home cleaned up.

Holiday decor will be up and collecting dust for a good 5 weeks, so no need to add to it by not preparing properly.

2. PLAN :: Where do you want trees? How many can you deal with? What do you remember liking/disliking about your decor last year? Ask yourself these questions, then be sure to purchase or find all of your decor to make it happen.

3. GATHER :: Climb into the attic and start unloading all of the loot you intend to decorate with. Get it all down and dust off the boxes.

4. INVENTORY :: If you are going to be taking advantage of the upcoming how-to blogs from us, make sure you know what you have, and what you don't.  Now, here's what you will need.

           - Tree, ornaments, family ornaments, tree skirt, lights, ribbon and other decor you are in love with.
           - Garland for staircases, chandeliers, etc.
           - Floral wire
           - Floral tape
           - Ladder
           - *ting ting*, *curly q's*, festive floral stems.  Basically accent items to *stuff* into your masterpieces.

5. SHOPPING :: While we order a lot of our things ahead of time, all is not lost for you.  Old Time Pottery or Hobby Lobby, etc. will have similar items.  Or you can always get online and pick out your things there.

6. ORGANIZE :: Once your shopping is done, organize all of your new purchases. Separate out items by where they will be going.

Now you are all set and ready to go.  We will post more in a bit on the details to make it all magical once you are past this point.

Happy Designing!


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